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We manufacture only the best “FULLY WELDED STEEL FRAMED” vinyl gates available on the market.

Our steel gate frames are made of high-quality galvanized steel to ensure against rust, corrosion or sagging. They are welded on all four corners with wide, thick welds that make a complete square frame. Therefore, no cross-bracing is needed. We also weld a heavy duty wheel on any vinyl gate that is 6ft or longer.

Our hardware comes in either black or white and is heavy duty, adjustable and can be locked with a padlock. We do have “self-closing” hinges available too!

All hardware is attached to the steel reinforced gate post and the vinyl gate itself with self-tapping metal screws, making your entire vinyl gate system ‘STEEL REINFORCED”.

Our gate posts are reinforced with heavy duty 12 guage steel which ensures your gate posts remain sturdy and secure over time. They are stronger and more durable than the commonly used lighter/weaker steel inserts.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Gates (Steel Welded Frames)

Why Steel Frame Gates

Why steel-framed gates matter…

Non steel-framed gates sag over time and don’t latch properly:

Gate screws go into vinyl only and eventually fall out:

Crown Vinyl’s “welded steel-framed” gates NEVER SAG or BREAK! Our frames are made of square galvanized steel and welded on all four corners:

Crown Vinyl’s hardware is all “stainless steel” and will never rust:

We take pride in how our gates are made and last over time. Be careful, there are a lot of sub-par gates out there!

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Our fence system includes newly designed heavy duty rails and tongue & groove slats with posts 6 1/2 feet apart and fully welded inner steel framed gates!

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